The Importance of Story Telling

I expect that storytelling was invented the same night fire was discovered. We’ve been using stories to convey ideas, entertain and persuade ever since. The reason storytelling is so popular is because it’s the most effective way to communicate. That’s because stories are memorable – a list of product features or benefits are not. Learning to […]

Internet Marketing A Brief Introduction

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing a Brief Introduction This short video is designed to help you get a clear understanding of how Internet Marketing works and how you can use it to attract new clients.Moss Media Solutions is a local communications firm based in Halifax Nova Scotia. Along with Internet marketing system design we also offer video production, […]

Promoting Your WordPress Blog on Facebook

How To Promote Your WordPress Blog on Facebook Facebook can be a great place to stay connected with friends and family, as well  promoting your business. The trick is not come across like the brother-in-law selling Amway at a family picnic. Linking your Facebook business page to your blog articles helps to keep things separate.If […]

Happy Anniversary to the World’s First Website!

25 years ago, on August 6th 1991, Berners-Lee 25 launched the world’s first website. At the time there were no big announcements, no ribbon cutting, not even a cake or balloons! An equally significant Internet event took place in 1993 that again received little attention at the time. It seems computer geeks just don’t know […]

Facebook Advertising Myths Tested by Sketchdeck

Sketchdeck.com just ran a series of very interesting Facebook advertising tests and the results should be of interest to anyone who advertises online or employs social media marketing. Here are the results of the test. 1. Be unique! Avoid popular images, they do not lead to effective ads 2. Create simple but eye catching images […]

Is it a Download or Down Right Theft?

I was recently given an assignment to re-edit a video that had been created by an amateur editor. The video was a valiant first effort to create an information piece and they did a pretty darn good job, all things considered. The one glaring error was that the video was populated with images from the Internet. […]