December 31

How Bloopers Can Boost Your Next Video Production

The blooper reel video on the left is a great example of how even scripted videos can go off the rails to create delightful bloopers. When a well planned presentation goes sideways because someone forgot their lines or finds the other performer's un-rehearsed antics funny, you're got the perfect conditions for truly funny bloopers.

When was the last time you discovered bloopers at the end of a video production and hoped they’d offer up a brief moment of entertainment? I think I can safely say we all enjoy a good video blooper or out-take. That's why bloopers shouldn't be overlooked when recording or editing a video production, even if it's intended to be a serious presentation.

But why are some bloopers funnier than others? What makes a blooper entertaining?

Much like a good cartoon sketch a great blooper usually has a setup that creates a logical expectation followed by an unexpected turn of events. But there’s often more to the making of a funny blooper than just a surprising twist.

These days it's difficult to keep people's attention, especially if you have something important or serious to say. That's where bloopers or out-takes can help to keep your audience's interest. Incorporating a sneak peak of your bloopers before the main presentation begins is a great way to keep your audience engaged until the very end.

Bloopers that contain self-effacing humour have tremendous appeal because they demonstrate humility and a healthy ego on the part of the participants. Most people want unvarnished performances or presentations because it lets them know that what they're watching is real. This is why bloopers can go a long way in helping viewers to get to really know the presenter. The more an audience feels they know you, the more likely they are to trust what you have to say. And that's why, what really makes the best bloopers work, is authenticity. We’ve all seen out-takes that have been set up in advance and they simply don’t have the same appeal as those that happen accidentally and contain authentic moments of surprise or embarrassment.

The key ingredient of course is humour because we all love a good laugh. And the truth about humour is that you never know what might make people laugh. So the next time you’re recording a video, keep your camera rolling for an extra moment or two. People often do the funniest things when they think the camera is off. If you’re lucky, you might just catch an authentically funny moment worth sharing.

Final Note: When it comes to using bloopers as part of your finished production make sure they're not exploiting anyone's misfortune.​


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