August 10

Happy Anniversary to the World’s First Website!


World’s first website

25 years ago, on August 6th 1991, Berners-Lee 25 launched the world’s first website. At the time there were no big announcements, no ribbon cutting, not even a cake or balloons!

An equally significant Internet event took place in 1993 that again received little attention at the time. It seems computer geeks just don’t know how to party. On November 10th 1993, The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) released the first widely popular web browser (Mosaic). You might have known it better as Netscape.

Why should you care about any of this ancient Internet history?

Here’s why. What’s really important about all this is that CERN* made Netscape free and open source.

This may not seem terribly exciting to most people but business owners should be celebrating both of the invention of websites and open source software. That’s because software like Netscape set a trend that millions of business owners now rely on everyday. Without open source software, access to the Internet and website development would no doubt be very expensive, and controlled by wealthy corporations.

Fortunately, open source software is free to use, available to everyone and isn’t owned or controlled by large multi-national corporations like Microsoft or Apple.

WordPress for example, lets you create your own website with having to pay a developer to do it. Firefox lets you browser the World Wide Web, again without paying Microsoft or Apple for the privilege to do so.

It’s true you get Safari or Explorer when you buy a computer but for many that’s still a luxury.

So let’s raise a glass to open source software and the birth of the world’s first website. Cheers! It’s time to light the candles on the cake and cue the balloon drop.

*Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire or The European Organization for Nuclear Research

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