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Unlike the 'shot gun approach' of standard social media management, Facebook™ Marketing is the strategic and systematic use of world's most popular social media channel.

There are fewer people on Twitter™ LinkedIn™and Pinterest™combined than there are on Facebook™.

Additionally, no other social media network offers the laser targeted advertising and audience data that you have access to on Facebook™. 

Attempting to be present and engaging on every social media network may work for major brands but usually turns out to be a colossal waste money for most local businesses. 

A well focused Facebook™ campaign on the other hand let's you test your message, find your specific audience and deliver qualified lead to your door at a price almost any local business can afford.

Running an effective Facebook™ marketing campaign can make the difference between feast or famine for a small business. Isn't it time you discovered the power of Facebook™ marketing.

Why Is Facebook™ 
So Important?

Photo by Thomas Jörn

Your customers are already using Facebook™

According to recent industry reports, "North Americans spend nearly a quarter of their online time on social networks and blogs." And over 1.4 billion of them are on Facebook™. This means that your target market is already using social media. If you want to reach clients and prospects, you need to be where they are – by using social media you’ll increase the odds that your marketing message will get through to a significant number of them.

Facebook™ will give you a competitive advantage.

Even though you may not be using social media, your competitors probably are. If that’s the case, you’ll want to add it to your marketing strategy as soon as possible, or risk falling behind. And if your competitors haven’t yet ventured into social media, rejoice – you can get a leg up on them by taking advantage of this marketing channel before they do.

Facebook™ will help you connect with your clients and prospects.

Most marketing channels are one-way in nature – a business sends out its marketing message, and consumers receive it. With social media, you can have a conversation. Social media helps to create a community of fans and followers that see you as more than just a business entity. They’ll view you as someone they trust, and people buy from those they trust.

Social media isn’t just for the millennials – it’s a valuable marketing tool for small businesses, as well. It’s here to stay – at least for the foreseeable future – so take the leap and reap the many rewards it offers.

If you'd like a free custom designed Facebook™ Marketing Blueprint you can use in your business, give us call today.